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Chamang Waterfall

Chamang Waterfall is a magnificent river cascade down a steep gully that feeds into a recreational nature park, nestled within the rainforest region of Bukit Tinggi but accessible only by a 12km road from Bentong town. A powerful waterfall, the waters drop violently through large chasms and clefts embedded within a sloping rockface, flowing into a large pool at its base before resuming its journey over powerful rapids. A very good place for family or group outing and picnic. There are tables with seats available or just find a good shady spot. A short suspension bridge connects to the opposite side of the fall for those not prepared to wade through the rocky stream & water. The water from the falls is cool and the breeze is cool when you climb to the higher level. All over the place you can see danger signs of sudden gush of waters
How To Get Here :
The Chamang Fall can be reached by taking the road from Bentong to Raub. Just outside Bentong there is a sign posted junction where you turn left. After about 10 km you will reach the Recreation Park.
What To Do :
Camping, Picnic, Relaxation, Swimming
What To See :
Nice Waterfall View, Beautiful Scenery
Location :
Kampung Chamang , 27600 Bentong, Pahang Malaysia.
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