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Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery

What is special about the Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery is that this building used to be the headquarters for the Kwong Siew Clan Association which was established in 1878 by a prominent character in Johor Bahru called Wong Ah Fook. It is two units of adjoining double storey shoplots donated by Wong Ah Fook. This building is home to priceless artifacts that record the transition process of Chinese immigrants to labour and settlers in Johor Bahru which they call “Sin Sua” or “New Hill” in Teo Chew, a new place for them to work hard to earn their fortune for a better future. Working tools, Chinese opera costumes, jewellery, opium pipes, the ancestry photos and items belonging to the Wong family and so on are all well kept within this building. This very building safeguards the story of the Teo Chew immigrant settlers in Malaysia and holds a special meaning to many.
What To See :
Photographs, Artifacts, Documents
Entrance Fees :
RM5 for adults, RM2 for children and students.
Business Hour :
9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Day Off :
Location :
No. 24 Jalan Siu Nam, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia.
Tel No :
07-223 3682
Email :
Gallery :
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