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Kerng Tang Kou Bioh Temple (粤东古庙)

Kerng Tang Kou Bioh Temple, also known as the Tua Lau Yah Keng (大老爷宫) is located at the Muar Kwangtung Association building at intersection of Jalan Bakri and Jalan Meriam. It was founded by Dato\' Chua Tuah Soon and early Teochew people immigrants in 1895, qualifying it as one of the oldest temples in Muar town. Its name Kerng Tang Kou Bioh(粤东古庙)in Teochew dialect means \"East Guangdong\'s Ancient Temple\" was derived from Teochew’s geographical location in east of Guangdong/Kwangtung(粤东/广东) province in China and its ancient Teochew patron deity worshipped at the temple, the \"Tua Nang Yah Kong\" (大人爷宫) or \"Xuán Tiān Shàngdì\" (玄天上帝) (literally the Lord of Profound Heaven or Black Heavenly Emperor God). During the \"Chap Goh Mei\" celebration on the 15th day of first lunar month of Chinese calendar, the last day of Chinese New Year festival, devotees will pray at the temple and observe a traditional custom, called \"Puak Tau Sai\"(博豆狮).
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Jalan Meriam, 84000 Muar, Johor Malaysia.
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