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Lake Chini

Located about 85 kilometres from Kuantan, Lake Chini is Malaysia's second biggest natural freshwater lake, with an area of 12.565 acres; Lake Chini consists of 13 interconnecting water bodies, each with its own charateristics. Historians believe that Lake Chini is the site of an ancient Khmer city but the local folks, on the other hand, believe that the mysterious lake is guarded by a Loch Ness type monster named Naga Sri Gumum. There were reports of occasional sightings of the monster but unfortunately they were not scientifically proven. Lake Chini is blessed with vast treasures of nature, which is rich in biological resources. There are 138 species of territorial flora, 300 species of non-aquatic vertebrates and 144 species of freshwater fish. Thousand of white and pink water lilies will emerge on the lake from August through September, transforming the lake into a floating multi-colored garden.
How To Get Here :
By Car: From Kuala Lumpur to Lake Chini, head for the Karak Highway that leads towards Genting Highlands and follow route 2 all the way through Mentakab, Temerloh and Maran. Route 2 will take you all the way to Kuantan but you need to take a detour to the right into route 12. Travel straight down this road until you come across a sign to turn right into Lake Chini. This will lead you through a monotonous landscape of palm oil plantations. At a junction, there will be a sign leading you to Lake Chini and the resorts. Turn right into this road. About 3km down the road there is another right turning. The Kijang Mas Gumum Resort signage on this right turn will lead you to Kampung Gumum where all running resorts are situated; From Johor to Lake Chini, take the North-South Highway and turn off at the Bahau exit; From Kuantan to Tasik Chini, Chini is about 80kms from Kuantan. Head down route 2 towards Maran. Take the turning to the left at a junction into route 12, about 56Km from Kuantan. Look out for the signs to Lake Chini passing Felda palm oil plantations on both sides of the road. Take a right turn at the junction just about 36km from the previous turn off. By Taxi from Kuantan: If there are 4 of you going, then it would be most convenient and economical to hire a long distance taxi that can be arranged through the Kuantan tourist information office.
What To Do :
Fishing, Jungle Trekking, Canoeing, Photo Shooting, Boat Ride, Lake Walk, Visit to the Kampung Gumum, Visit to Lake Chini Research Centre, Climb Chini Mountain
What To See :
Flora and fauna, Bebar Peat Swamp Forest(Black Water Jewel)
Location :
Pahang Malaysia.
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