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Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park

Our 7 acres organic farm will bring you to the natural environment of organic farming. Our organic vegetable products are grown in accordance with controlled strict organic standards and valid regulations that have been approved by The Skim Organic Malaysia (SOM) in 2012. Chemical substances for protection of plants are strictly forbidden. Another specialty technology adopted in our farm is soil cooling system that helps to keep control of the soil temperature. This raises the yield of crops with high quality. On top of that, healthy root can improve the capacity of holding water and nutrients. Under this condition, we are able to grow high quality and high nutrition crops. Besides, we allow you to experience and get closer to the habitat and behaviour of swiftlets. Facilitated with administration office, research and development department, product showroom and restaurant.
這是一家占地7畝的有机及自然生态观光景点,除了带给你有机蔬菜种植方面的知识,還让您更进一步了解金丝燕的生态环境。这里的农产品皆比照有机种植规范,不使用化学合成的农药化肥。本农场的另一个特别之处在于采用了先进的土壤冷却系统,让土壤保持在适宜的温度,促使蔬菜的根部能生长得更茁壮,而健壮的根部促使蔬菜吸收更多养分,从而生长出营养丰盛及高品量的有机蔬菜。除此之外,『金丝燕之家』从以前普普通通的一座燕屋演变成了至今一座非常壮观的燕窝工厂,采用纯手工挑毛,金品纯正,丝巢天然,能让大家于此认识燕子的居住环境,金丝燕之家品质绝佳,是全家人的滋补养颜品。. 也是您休闲养颜的好地方,让您暂时抛开烦恼感受大自然的美好!
Activities :
Visit organic vegetable garden and get to know the differences between organic plantation and non-organic plantation. Visit to swiftlets’ home and get closer to their habitat and behavior. Our production department is opened to visitors for visit so that our visitors can visualize the whole process system. Visitors can buy organic vegetables and bird nest products from our product showroom. 在此,您可更进一步了解及认识燕子的生活起居,人工采集燕窝等等资讯。我們采用高科技纳米技术以及纯手工挑毛;全透明化生产部门让参观者一目了然;设有燕窝产品专卖区,包装精美为送礼佳品。
Business Hour :
09:00 am - 05:30 pm
Location :
Jalan desa putih11, taman desa putih, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor Malaysia.
Tel No :
+607467 9981, +60137137981
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